UM hat mit Wave 4 eine neue Social Media Analyse veröffentlicht. Es wurden insgesamt 22.729 Internetnutzer in 38 Ländern zwischen November 2008 und März 2009 befragt. Somit wird auch auf die Social Media Entwicklung einzelne Länder eingegangen, z.B. Deutschland:

Germany has been steady in its adoption of social media and
there are few drastic changes to report. By global standards
Germany has been a cautious adopter of all the major
platforms; an increase of five per cent here, two per cent
there is the norm.
One area where it does standout is the dramatic increase in
the number of people visiting friends’ profile pages. Fifty-three
per cent of active internet users popped over digitally,
a rise of nearly 25%.
There has also been a decline in the number of active Internet
Users who are watching videos. This has fallen from 77.1%
to 74.1%, although to put this in context, back in Wave 1 the
figure was just 20.1%.

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